Wednesday, April 1, 2015

VAaaS v.4.2 is now released

VAaaS v.4.2 is officially released. Expect new platform features, enhanced UI and easier, friendly reports!

Crowd Density Reports
Your store can now be segmented into Zones. Know which zones are popular with your customers with the Average Duration vs Zone chart below the heat map report. What’s more? Reports can now span across multiple days.

Human Traffic Flow Reports
The new Human Traffic Flow report comes with interactive visualisation and it can span across multiple days!

Improved Menus For Reports
You can now select Label, Node and Camera on the left secondary menu. To generate or update report, simply drag and drop Labels, Nodes and Cameras. Also, selection of timeframe has been simplified and beautified.

Personalised Reports
No more fumbling over what you last selected during your last login. All reports have the capability to remember your previous selection of Label/Node/Camera and time frame.

Weekly Summary Emails
You will be getting (or probably have gotten) weekly emails, updating you on your store performance. It gives you a summary of all analytics reports.

Server sharing and reseller module
Personalise your login page to include your brand, with multiple domains configured to a single server environment. Controlling the visibility of accounts to your resellers is also made possible by arranging them in a hierarchical manner.

Improved Point of Sale data integration
Manual insertion/ editing of Point of Sales data is now supported! Simply click the shortcut on the People Counting report and a demo visualisation will appear. A user guide is available to help you set up automated data import via FTP.

Cameras we support
The 2 new additions to the list of supported cameras are Axis and Dahua. Currently, we are able to support these 5 brands:

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