Friday, July 3, 2015

KAI Square offers Retail Analytics as-a-Service to help retailer monitor their shoppers behaviors real-time

Taipei, May 2015 - Taiwan brick and mortar retailers are now able to know their customer shopping behaviours and receive real-time analytics reports on their mobile. This solution by the award-winning KAI Square (“KAI”) is a cost-effective video analytics solution for retailers.

Faced with stiff competitions and multiple challenges, retailers are seeking ways to improve their sales and retail conversion. Through a reseller arrangement with Asia Pacific Telecom (“APTG”) and Mercuries Data System (“MDS”), retailers based in Taiwan are now able to purchase and install KAI solution in their stores on a monthly subscription service.
“We are excited to offer our product in Taiwan as it’s our first such partnership outside of Southeast Asia” said Sean Seah, General Manager (Taiwan) and CMO of KAI Square. Retail Analytics is a growing industry. For any retailer to improve their business, they must first be able to measure and analyse the data.

Taiwan has been ranked among the top in Asia Pacific retail market, and many international brands have expanded their businesses here. It is vital for retailers to leverage on technologies to understand the Taiwanese shoppers effectively. Through retail analytics such as counting the number of walk-in customers and identifying the hotspot areas within the store, retailers are able to improve their product placement, optimise the number of staffs and adjust their product pricing to prevent lost sales.

The U.S. research company MarketsandMarkets predicted a massive five-year growth in the retail analytics market. This sector, currently valued at $1.8 billion, could grow to nearly $4.5 billion by 2019, according to the Houston firm. To keep up with the growth, KAI will continue to work with existing and new partners to provide easy access of our services to their customers.

APTG has offered various packages that cater to the needs of retailers, based on store size and requirements. Retail prices start from as low as 4,990 NTD. Besides analysing shopper behaviour in store, the solution doubles up as a surveillance tool to record and store video for up to 30 days. It also comes with 5 different security video analytics applications such as Intrusion Detection.
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For more information about our product, please visit