Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Introducing KAI Node: Enhancing and Optimizing Video Analytics

11 Jun 2013 - KAI Square is excited to announce the release of KAI Node, our very own plug-n-play video analytics box.

Designed to support the KAI Square Unified Platform Video-Analytics-as-a-Service (VAaaS), KAI Node serves to streamline installation process, reduce dependency on internet connectivity, improve analytic result, and allow the solution to be more cost effective in the long run.

Each KAI Node will be deployed together with a set of 4 cameras as part of our upcoming product bundle solution. Once the device and the cameras are connected into the same network environment, KAI Node will be able to start gathering video streams from the cameras for analysis. During the setup process, KAI Node will be registered onto the cloud server which hosts your KAI UP account. Whenever internet connection is available, KAI Node will automatically sync all the data captured into your KAI UP account for easy access from wherever you are.

Unlike other video analytics box, the device will constantly receive updates as we further develop our system and grow our analytics capabilities. The beauty of the KAI Node lies in how quickly and efficiently the updates are deployed, without any actions required from the users; all updates will be automatically pushed to the Node device via the internet, and automatically installed into the Node once the download is complete. 

KAI Node also supports over-the-air video analytics bundle upgrades, without the need to change the devices. Any changes require minimum effort, and can be done within a matter of minutes. This means that users will have the flexibility and freedom of choice as their needs evolve.

To find out more about our VAaaS solution, please visit vaaas.kaisquare.com or contact our sales team at sales@kaisquare.com for more information!